Download in EPub who moved my cheese team building activities

Who moved my cheese? Is a common question if you encounter changes in your lives. Being alive means we are in constant motion to ensure our survival. This is what happened to the little people namely Ham and Hew. They are small creatures who act like and think like people today. Ham and Hew coexist with the two mice Sniffy and Scurry in their struggle for survival inside the rat maze.

The story began when Ham and Hew found a huge chunk of cheese in station C. They were jubilant and decided to build their world around it. Little did they know that the two mice secretly take a portion of their cheese when they are not watching.

Their struggle began when Ham and Hew could not find the cheese where it is suppose to be.”Who moved my cheese?”. They could not believe what they saw. Hew was heartbroken and refused to look for a new cheese. He was expecting to find the cheese at station C again. What happens next? It is for you to find out.

The cheese was a metaphor in our day to day living. It represents success, career and other worldly riches we possess or desire. When we find our cheese we build our world around it thus, we found our comfort zone. We become obsessed with it and we want to keep it that way. When things are going well, who wants change?

What happens if by chance change occurs? How can we cope with it? Are you going to expect someday you could find our cheese again at station C? The fable taught us to be vigilant and to embrace change. Change is inevitable. We are in constant motion. We are dynamic because we are alive. We keep on coping until our last breath. So we will aim in changing for the better.

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