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Are you tired of using your personal computer or Laptop that is taking usually a longer time than usual to boot up? So here comes a relief for you. This is a new technology that will take lesser time to start your computer. The older friend of ours , The BIOS which is now almost 25 years old is now making way for the new technology coming to us named – UEFI. So greet the new technology which is just made to boot your system in a few seconds. The BIOS system that we are using today was introduced in 1979 and was not expected to last for so long. This is the main reason why the modern computers takes lots of time to start. As it is a very old technology and the modern technologies have to rum and start their system according to the old BIOS. UEFI stands for Unified Extensible Firmware Interface is made to meet the modern computers speed, it will just match with the speed of modern computers. This will soon be used in the modern computers and will allow the modern computers to go “ON” from the “OFF” state in just a few seconds. The BIOS was introduced at a time when we were having very basic computers. Since then we have got keyboards, mouses, USBs, USB connected mouse and keyboards and even flash drives. UEFI is made compatibel with these devices and peripherals and is also made such that it can support the next generation of touch screens and natural gesture interfaces. Moreover with the introduction of UEFI, the danger of loosing data at the boot time due to boot failure will also reduce due to boot crash. As the loosing of data at boot time invites us to go for data recovery services quite often. The data recovery services are expensive too and not all the data recovery services are the same in terms of data recovery. At times you may not be able to get all the data back after data recovery due to many reasons. But as UEFI is round the corner, so that you can just sit back and relax without the tensions of loosing your valuable data.

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