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One of the biggest interruptions in a study schedule can be going out at night with friends. Taking that one step further, one of the biggest interruptions in attending class is going out the night before with friends. With that being the case, the last and final step in the college tips is to not go out socially between Sunday night and Wednesday night.

For the typical college student, there is a tremendous amount of temptation in this area. It is not far fetched for a college student to have something to do every night and to get bombarded with invites and pressure. This can be overwhelming and sometimes difficult to resist. One of the reasons this is particularly challenging for a new college student is that they are typically coming from living at home where they had plenty of rules and guidelines.

In these cases, these students go from having parents enforcing rules to keep them in line to an environment where they are free to make their own decision. It is up to them to decide whether it is ok to go out or if they should pass and focus on studying. It can sometimes be tough to consistently make the right decisions in this area. The risk if the balance between going out and studying is not properly managed is poor academic performance and in many cases lead to an early ticket home.

The approach to deal with this challenge is to accept that getting out the house and being social is not only a big part of going to college, it is also a big part of being a healthy person. So the goal is not to eliminate and fight the urge to go out, but to allow it and control it to a certain number of days and aligning it with days that allow the least disruption.

Under this step in the college tips, you will try to not go out between Sunday night and Wednesday night and only go out on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. And this might not sound like much time to get out of the house, but that is three nights and almost half of the week. You then focus on studying on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights.

This is a tip that builds focus and minimize disruptions. The structure sets time that is dedicated to studying and then time that is open to socializing. Not only does this provide focus, but it also aligns the study time with the bulk of the class time which will be Monday through Thursday. And then the social time is shifted toward the weekend so that there will be minimal opportunities for going out with friends to have an impact on attending class.

It is important to point out that these college tips are not a one size fits all and they might not be good for everybody. For example, there are some academic programs that require studying every night with zero social time. Of course, in that type of program, this system would not be good. This system assumes that there is some room for social time and that the student is likely to be going out. Use your own judgment about your own situation when considering implementing the college tips.

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