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Aries. You are to be swamped with paperwork this month because someone needs help with theirs. News about your investments and or finances should come in the mail this week. It is still all on hold for now and the news you receive is expected even though you hoped for something just a little better. Give it until around Christmas when the really good news should come to you.

Taurus. You are beginning to plan and swap ideas with your partner about the way you want your new home to look. You are thinking that you want everything to be understated but after the actual move you will want some vivid colours here and there. You want to give it all a little sparkle. This will be a nice compromise and satisfy both of you. A pool or spa is a good addition and necessary for your lifestyle.

Gemini. You are very busy doing nothing. Actually you are working for everyone else and running their errands. The end result is that your own affairs are suffering. Money is tight now and you need to get out there and earn more if possible. You seem to have the feeling that everything will take care of itself but this is a false feeling. You need to actually do something for that extra money.

Cancer. Having a false feeling of security may stop you from coming up with new ideas and new ways to earn money. You have excellent ideas now and your finances can be boosted this month if you get busy and put them to use. Be careful this week, someone wants to borrow money from you again with no intention of paying it back. You could find a new home if you want with a little looking around.

Leo. This is a good time to straighten out your affairs whilst the aspects are favouring you. Get some help with the dull and boring paperwork. Do not be deceived into being overly generous with the extra funds that you may acquire. You will need the extra funds in December when money will be very tight until Christmas. Visitors to your home may arrive about mid week and you will want to entertain them in style.

Virgo. If you wish to meet that very special person then you will have to get out and about this week. Go for walks in your neighbourhood and keep your eyes open at work. When you see that special one you want, be bold and ask for a date. It will all be up to you this time so be careful, but do not be shy. Tuesday or Wednesday seem potentially likely so concentrate on those days. This might even lead to a ring sooner than your thought.

Libra. What a delightful looking month for you. This is a time for you when everything goes your way and it certainly is about time. Time for new clothes, a new hair style, new transportation or even a complete health check up. Everything goes smoothly and it should be all good news. It is also a good time to start a successful diet. Start a walking or running program that actually works. It is hard work but you can do it.

Scorpio. Now you can start bragging about your new home. You need to discuss your plans and ideas right down to the decorating goals. Be sure that the colour schemes are compatible with your partners wishes. The only problem is that right now you think you want an understated looking interior. After you move in, you will want some intense colours here and there to make the home a little more lively. Your partner should agree with your ideas.

Sagittarius. This week you may be learning some truths that you really did not care to know. Taken in the right manner, this may help you to judge people much more correctly in the future. Money is tight this month but it is much better next month. This is a good time for researching or investigating the unusual things you have recently learned. You may want to start cleaning out unwanted papers and or books.

Capricorn. This appears to be an excellent time for you to build up your bank account or your investments. Money is finally flowing into your pockets this month. You are feeling a bit cautious now so it is best that you build a nest egg for the future. Do this because perhaps there is a marriage or engagement in the stars around Christmas if you are ready to take the plunge. You will surely need extra cash then.

Aquarius. Please make a special effort to see things as they really are rather than as you want them to be. You have developed a talent to look at the world through rose coloured glasses and everything seems perfect to you. Perhaps you could be disguising people in beautiful auras that do not really exist. Normally, you have the talent to see through people to judge them correctly but not at the moment.

Pisces. This is an excellent time to get all your paperwork done and out of the way. If you are single, you may be introduced to someone very special within the next week or so. Be sure to let them know if you are interested because the feeling may be mutual. Both of you will want to start dating right away. This just might be the one who offers or receives a ring during the Christmas holidays.

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