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Quality handmade rugs are among the hottest commodities for high living. Handmade rugs show off a certain class that stock rugs selected from a department store rack simply can’t match. They indicate a taste in their owner through both their selection and presentation. Quality handmade rugs are nearly always unique, with duplicate patterns being few and far between, and duplicate products being completely impossible.

We offer an extensive range of handmade Oriental, Persian and Wool rugs. We sell new handmade products and antique rugs alike, to the taste of our clients; whether one is looking for a modern, handmade flair for their home or a quality anachronism, we deliver. We provide every product under the umbrella of quality handmade rugs, whether they be true antiques and artifacts or the work of modern artisans in faraway lands; we put quality handmade rugs at your fingertips.

We deal in quality imported rugs online. We offer our full range of imports and services online for perusal and delivery. This keeps our costs low and your options high. We keep fees and shipping as low and affordable as possible without sacrificing rapid delivery of your quality handmade rugs. Our simple website interface keeps everything at the ready for your ease of use, and imported handmade rugs can be just a few clicks away.

We are experts in wool area rugs of Oriental and Persian origin. We know the weaving and dying of Oriental and Persian rugs intimately, including antiques. We can clean and repair any Oriental or Persian rug, no matter the dye or weave used, and can remove stains from any material. No job is outside our skill level. If you have a need related to the repair of or removal of a stain from an antique, Oriental or Persian handmade wool area rug, we are obliged to provide the best service we are able at the most affordable fee we can muster.

Our imported handmade rugs are of superior quality, and we do not deal in knockoffs. While many businesses claim to offer quality handmade rugs, we deliver with proof of authenticity and absolute knowledge of the subject matter. Whether you are seeking repair of your Persian, Oriental or antique hand-woven rug or looking to instate a new heirloom into your family’s legacy with a unique area rug, we can provide what you need. We have served thousands of clients worldwide, making imported handmade rugs a viable reality for any family.

Whether one is looking to get a family heirloom repaired or add a new precious artifact to the home estate, we can provide. Quality and imported handmade rugs of any age and any origin are our specialty; whether your rug is modern, an antique, Persian, Oriental or anything else, we can provide what you need at an affordable price with all the convenience of a modern website.

RugFirm is an online dealer of quality handmade rugs, Persian Rugs, Wool Rugs, Oriental Rugs, and Antique Rugs. We are knowledgeable about imported handmade rugs, from dying the wool to all different types of knots, to all sorts of repair and stain removal techniques, to certified appraisal. RugFirm offers both formal rugs with a beautiful floral pattern, and informal with magnificent geometric designs.