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So you suspect your septic tank might be leaking? How can you know for sure, before wasting your time and money on a professional evaluation? That’s precisely what we intend to uncover here.

First thing is first – you want to know how to tell if your septic tank is leaking. It’s pretty simple really.

Here’s your checklist:

A) Is your septic system giving off any foul odors? Seems fairly obvious, but sometimes we ignore the most obvious clues. This could be inside your house, coming from your waste water fixtures, or outside your property near the actual septic tank itself.

B) Is your septic system making an strange noises when flushing the toilet, running the sink or bathtub water, or using the washing machine? This noise could be creaking, gurgling, or even burping type sounds. Anything that might indicate that there is a struggle to move waste product through your septic system.

C) Can you spot any odd looking spots in your lawn or property near the septic tank? This is surely a sign that you have some kind of leak coming from your tank, as it would tend to kill any grass that might be in the area and if nothing else leave a very wet spot where the leak was nearest. Spotting this type of situation is another great clue that you probably have a mess on your hands that needs attention.

If you’re experiencing something else, that doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t having a leak in your septic tank but these are going to be your most obvious, most common clues to tell if your septic tank is leaking.

The next best step after finding one of these problems is to research possible solutions you could do yourself, but in more cases than not, due to the size and nature of work involved with repairing a leak, you will have to hire a professional of some sort.

Patrick Pineridge is a septic system expert, and a contributor for Septic System Problems. Don’t wait until you’ve got a mess on your hands, head over to Septic System Problems and prepare yourself today!